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22 Mai

16.05.2017 - Crushing The North Tour – Nosturi, Helsinki + Thrashered + Nox Vorago + Decapitated +++

All I could find out about Thrashered was, that they are from Russia, play Thrash Metal, were founded 2014 and released a demo in 2015. As the first of a total of 5 bands I did not expect too much, but nevertheless they were a nice surprise. Solid Thrash with very nice vocals, the singer sounds a lot like Rainer Nygård from Diablo, what was a big plus.

They seemed to be a bit shy but that probably will go away with more live experience, so if they manage to get attitude behind their music they are about to have great potential!


NOX VORAGO is a Progressive/Symphonic Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are around since 2006 and released 2 full length albums, “Obsidian Stonemirrors” in 2012 and “Al Chem” this year. They were a bit different than the rest of the night, but I was surprised how much I liked them. They came on stage with masks and black robes, as there were 6 people, it looked rather impressive. The sound was a very symphonic black metal style, and definitely not the garage-grvm-cvlt kind -but with great passion and an intriguing live setup. The crowd was still very thin at this point which was a shame, they definitely would have deserved more people checking them out!

         5      6


Completed with Vader and Decapitated, the Polish triumvirate is THY DESEASE from Krakow. They play a fun mix of industrial death metal with accent on blast beats and danceability. They are around since the turn of the century, and were great fun. The venue was sadly still rather empty but they managed to get the ones which gathered in front of the stage excited. It’s a bit Meshuggah, maybe not the most original approach but well executed and something I would attend again.

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Holy fucking shit!!!! How could I have missed DECAPITATED all the 20 years they are around??? They are active since 1996 and did quite a bit of touring, but the “Crushing the North” Tour was their first appearance in Finland. And an appearance they made!! Massive, they are just utterly massive. Their tight, pounding, technically intricate riffs and blastbeats, the excellent technical drumming -not even the normally reservated nordics on a Tuesday could withstand the urge to move it move it. Vocalist Rafał "Rasta" Piotrowski had a great range as well as attitude and charisma and after the first song he owned the whole crowd. They didn’t need much convincing to create a circle pit lasting pretty much the whole gig. Yes, on a bloody Tuesday, in Finland. And if it wouldn’t have been for heavy and expensive camera gear, I truly would have jumped right in. So if you like tight, massive, technical death metal which hurts your neck and makes your heart race: there you go. Don’t be as silly as me, go check them out asap!

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VADER are old, not like in “brittle” but rather as in refined in what they are doing to this point. They are active since 1983 and consistently kept their good work up since then. Part of metal history for sure, but I never saw them live before. They offer solid fast Thrash metal, played by professional musicians who enjoy the fuck out of their show. There is (of course) lots of posing involved and these guys know what they are doing and they enjoy every minute of it. I enjoyed the gig quite a lot myself, but after Decapitated slashed the hell out of Nosturi, nothing could have gotten me anywhere near as “excited”. The crowd however continued spinning, banging, jumping, and in the end they were definitely a worthy headliner despite my personal taste difference!

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  • Band(s): Thrashered + Nox Vorago + Decapitated + Vader + Thy Desease
  • Wann: 16.05.2017
  • Wo: Nosturi, Helsinki
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